Amrita Therapeutics is in the vanguard of India's biotechnology start-ups, developing novel oncology therapies from truncated naturally occurring peptides. Amrita Therapeutics's lead Drug Candidate AT-01C is a p53 tumor suppressor compound that also demonstrates anti-metastasis activity, with effectiveness against colorectal, bladder and liver cancer.


Amrita Therapeutics has been recognized domestically and internationally for its innovative research platform. The company received seed funding from the Gujrat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL) in early 2009 at the height of the financial crisis, and initiated R&D relating to proteins from baterial biofilms including Mycobacterium bovis, with support from the Indian Department of Biotechnology (DBT), designing truncated peptides with anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity.


Amrita Therapeutics proprietary science platform leverages our increasing understanding of the important role of the micro-organisms in human health, ushering in a new golden age of drug development akin to the early antibiotics era.