About Us

Amrita Therapeutics is a leading-edge biotechnology company based in Gujarat India.  Amrita Therapeutics is pursuing a dual program of research on both novel peptide-based therapies and development of hybrid therapeutic devices to provide in situ cancer therapy. Amrita Therapeutics' senior management team is uniquely placed to bring science to market in the form of new multiple disease targeting (MDT) therapies with effectiveness against cancers, inflammatory disease and/or viral pathogens.

Board of Directors

Mr. Mihir Joshi
Mr. Himanshu Vyas
Mrs. Susan K. Finston, Managing Director & CEO

Cofounder and Science Mentor
Dr. Ananda M. Chakrabarty


Technical Science Advisor
Dr. Samit Chattopadhyay


Vice President, Drug Development
Dr. Tomasz Zastawny


Manager – Accounts & Admin
Mr. Raghavendran Iyer


Patent Counsel
Ms. Krishna Sarma

Managing Partner, CLG